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3 Reasons to Have Your Slab Leak Repaired Promptly

Slab Leak
If you notice your cat or dog suddenly sleeping in the same place on the floor all day, it could be they've found a warm spot caused by a slab leak. Of course, you may notice bigger signs than that, but you shouldn't ignore even minor signs of this problem.

Here are three complications that can occur when your slab leak goes unrepaired.

1. Your Utility Bills Will Skyrocket

When a pipe has a continuous leak, your water bill could soar over the course of the month. You may be shocked when you open your next bill. While your water bill may be frighteningly high, your electric bill will probably be worse.

While a water leak is bad enough, a pipe that leaks hot water does double the damage to your pocketbook. Your water heater runs constantly to keep up with the demand for hot water that's being wasted.

A slab leak could turn into a very expensive problem quickly, but you can control the expense by having repairs done as quickly as possible.

2. The Structure of Your Home Could Be Damaged

Water can do extensive damage in a short time. If it contacts the wood structure of your home, the wood will absorb the moisture and hold on to dampness. This moisture leads to warping, rotting, and molding.

By the time you have the slab leak repaired, it could have caused enough damage that you have to repair the flooring and walls in your home too. Water can also lead to the damage of concrete. Cracks may develop in the walls or the foundation.

Then you'll add foundation problems to your plumbing emergency. When water leaks into the soil under your foundation continuously, the soil can shift and cause the foundation to shift along with it. In addition to repairing the plumbing, you may need to repair your foundation too.

3. Destructive Bugs May Invade Your Home

While a bug infestation may seem minor compared to huge utility bills and foundation problems, it can cause you grief. Some bugs that are drawn to damp conditions are destructive. When you have a water leak in your home, the humidity rises, and the damp places will attract the bugs.

Termites and carpenter ants are drawn to moist wood. Both types of bugs do a lot of damage to homes, and you don't want to attract them to your house. Silverfish and booklice may not destroy the structure of your home, but they can damage photographs, books, and important documents.

If you use your basement as a storage place, silverfish might invade your boxes and chew on treasures such as your child's early artwork. At the least, a slab leak could cause the need for pest control treatments, and at the worst, the bugs it draws could damage your home or ruin things important to you.

You can see how dangerous even a small slab leak can be if it is allowed to go on for a long time. But what do you do if you suspect you have a slab leak when you can't even see the pipes? Fortunately, a plumber can use tools to pinpoint the exact location of the pipe and the leak.

Once that's found, they can decide how to proceed with repairs. A localized leak might be repaired by digging down to the pipe to fix it. If the pipe has multiple leaks due to age or foundation shifting, then a new pipe might be installed instead that bypasses the damaged one.

Call Randy's Rooter & Plumbing, LLC. We'll find the slab leak and repair it so you can prevent unpleasant and costly consequences of an unrepaired water pipe.
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