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4 Common Signs of Corroded Pipes

Repairing Sink Water Pipe
Your home consists of numerous feet of pipe. These pipes are responsible for supplying your home with water and removing waste from your home. Known as water-supply pipes and drain-waste pipes respectively, ensuring these pipes are in good condition is key to protecting your home.
Unfortunately, certain types of pipes are more susceptible to rust and corrosion, which can wreak havoc on not only your plumbing, but also your home in general.
For example, galvanized steel and copper may start to rust and eventually corrode at some point in time. When you know the signs of pipe corrosion, you will be more aware of when you need repairs. Here are a few common signs of pipe corrosion all homeowners need to know.

1. Discolored Water

Water that appears yellow, orange, or brown in color is often caused by rusty and corroded pipes. This change in your water's appearance is a common - and obvious - sign of corroded plumbing. Of course, you may be wondering how or why your water's color has changed.
Basically, as your pipes age, they begin to rust and deteriorate. As water settles in your pipes over time, the rust particles and corroded material from the pipes becomes concentrated, seeping and discoloring your water.
In most cases, the discolored water will be noticeable when you first turn on your faucet. However, pipes that are extremely damaged from corrosion may always supply discolored water.

2. Foul Taste

Tap water can taste differently depending on a few factors, including your unique taste buds and your home's specific water supply. Certain tastes may signal certain problems, though.
For example, if your water has a metallic or medicinal taste, rust may be present in the water because your pipes are starting to corrode.
A metallic taste may stem from zinc in your water. Zinc is common in galvanized pipes that are rusty and starting to corrode.
In homes with copper plumbing that may be corroding, you may notice a medicinal taste in the water.
It is important to note that both zinc and copper will not affect your health unless large traces of these minerals are present in the water.

3. Chronic Clogs

Most homeowners will experience a clogged drain at some point in time. Unfortunately, chronic clogs may be a sign of an underlying plumbing issue, such as corroded pipes.
Over time, the pipes will develop a thick layer of rough, rusty buildup inside. This interior buildup decreases the amount of space inside the pipes, reducing the flow of water and waste and causing clogs in your plumbing lines.
Plungers may be able to release clogs that are not deep within the drain, but flushing the pipes to remove rust and even replacing the corroded pipes is smart for preventing clogs in the future.

4. Leaks

Corrosion will eventually cause water and waste to leak out of your pipes. These leaks may be minor, - dripping out of small pinholes caused by corrosion - to more severe, like water pouring out of pipes that have burst because of heavy rust and corrosion.
Whether water and waste are leaking slowly out of your supply and drain lines or more severe leaks are occurring through burst pipes, diagnosing and repairing corroded pipes is essential.
With efficient repairs or replacement of corroded pipes, you can prevent higher water bills, water damage to floors, cabinetry, and drywall, and the potential growth of mold and mildew.
If you are experiencing one or more of the above signs or an entirely different plumbing issue, help is available. Contact Randy's Rooter & Plumbing, LLC, to address possible corrosion or another issue affecting your home's plumbing and septic systems. 
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