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Most Common Water Heater Problems

Imagine shivering your way through a freezing shower, turning on a dishwasher with cold water or sending a round of sheets into the washing machine without the cleaning power of heat. Living without a working water heater is a hassle. Learn to recognize these five common water heater problems.
  • Clogging: This is especially important to keep in mind when you live in an area with hard water. The minerals pose a risk to your pipes. 
  • Noise: The convenience of hot water combined with the annoyance of creaking, knocking and banging is just unacceptable. Try flushing out your tank to get rid of the buildup of sediment that is noisily burning when it touches the heating element. 
  • Aging: Water heaters aren’t meant to last forever. Check your warranty and replace your heater if it’s suffering from old age.
  • Temperature inconsistencies: Sometimes problems with temperature can be fixed by adjusting your heater’s thermostat, but if the water doesn't heat at all, you may need to replace your heating element. 
  • Leaking: This is the most urgent problem when it comes to water heaters. At the first sign of water seeping from the tank, call a plumbing service to check it out. If the leaking continues, you’re looking at a huge potential for water damage in your home. Call Randy's Rooter & Plumbing at 432-520-3030 to find out more about water heater problems and solutions. 

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