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Three Benefits of Hydrojetting Your Pipes

No matter how careful you are with what gets put in your drain, you’re still going to encounter clogged pipes at some point in your life. Dirt and grime eventually build up and necessitate some form of pipe cleaning for all homeowners. Fortunately you have the option of hydrojetting. Here are three reasons why this is the right choice.

More Sanitary

Instead of taking the pipes apart and coming into contact with whatever is backing up your drains, let a strong blast of water clear that mess out for you. The water jet will force everything where it needs to go – out of your home.

Environmentally Safe

There are plenty of unclogging agents that you can quickly buy at a store and pour into your sink, toilet or shower. Before you make that decision, think about all the chemicals that you’re releasing into the world.

Extremely Efficient

While you might pay a bit more upfront to have your pipes jetted, the process will clear everything in the pipe and not just the clogged area. This means you’ll be problem-free for quite some time.
Since it’s a guarantee that your pipes will clog at some point, it’s important that you think of the best way to handle the problem. To learn more about why hydrojetting is a great choice, call Randy's Rooter & Plumbing at 432-520-3030.
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